Who Is Melanie Leis? Is She Kelly McGillis’s Ex-Wife?

Melanie Leis

Melanie Leis is the ex-wife of American stage actress Kelly McGillis. Melanie is a salesperson, bartender, and theatre performer. 

Melanie Leis was born on the 9th of July 1967. She is an American citizen who currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts. She is married to Kelly McGillis, and together they have 2 children.’

Married Life Of Melanie 

Melanie was previously in a relationship with Kelly McGillis, an actress. 

Melanie married her husband in 2010. Her ex-husband was also there when they married, but they separated and got back together twice.

Melanie and Kelly’s marriage lasted only a year, as they divorced in 2011. Melanie later said that she felt pressured by Kelly to get pregnant and had wanted to remain single before the divorce was final.

How Did Melanie Meet Kelly?

Melanie met Kelly at a local bar, where she worked as a waitress. Melanie and Kelly have been together ever since.

After the meeting, Melanie was instantly attracted to Kelly, and a year later, she moved in with him.

They broke up in 2009 but later decided to give their relationship another chance. So they got married in 2010.

Age And Net Worth

Melanie has a net worth of $600 thousand. Melanie is 55 years old, and she lives in the United States.

Melanie And Her Ex-Wife Broke Up Because Of Kids

The couple separated in 2010 and divorced in 2011, but Melanie was pregnant with their first child then.

Before getting into a relationship with Melanie, Kelly had been married twice and shared two daughters with her second husband. Theirs wasn’t a harmonious marriage, and they eventually separated in 2009. Before their marriage, they broke up for some time in 2009, and the reason behind their separation was Kelly’s children.

Kelly, who was married with two daughters and living with her husband and children in Mohnton, started to have issues with her relationship with Melanie. Kelly said that after some time, Melanie and her partner started having problems because their children lived together.

Kelly’s children understood and accepted Kelly and Melanie’s relationship. But Kelly’s daughter’s friend didn’t get it because they had conservative thinking.

Melanie’s Drugs Addiction

Melanie and Kelly’s relationship was filled with challenges and struggles. After getting married and living together, they fell in love and wanted to share the rest of their lives. 

But, after getting addicted to drugs and drinking, Melanie’s ex-wife Kelly had a bad habit of being a substance abuser. They both got involved in an intense period where they tried everything possible to stay sober, but it wasn’t easy.

Together, Melanie Leis And Kelly McGillis Started Drinking And Doing Drugs

The move from Key West to Mohnton brought its own set of challenges for McGillis’s two daughters. The reason was that their new location was quite a conservative place, where it was difficult to find friends in school and elsewhere.

After talking about this for a long time, she finally decided to tell the truth about how her children suffered because of her relationship with Melanie. She revealed how her kids suffered greatly because of her relationship with Mell and how that bothered her greatly. McGillis hence never chose to talk about it.

Years after marrying Leis, McGillis found herself in a complicated relationship with her children. Her primary concern was protecting them from men with whom she had little control and who could potentially do harm to them through their own sexual identities: gay or bi men.

Where Does Melanie Leis Live Now?

Leis has been busy with her music festival gigs and showcasing as she continues to build her career as a musician. McGillis, who resides in Boston, Massachusetts, is also busy hosting fundraising events via her Facebook page.

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