Turkey Visa for Dominica Republic and Fiji Citizens

Turkey Visa for Dominica Republic and Fiji Citizens

Turkey Visa for Fiji Citizens

Apply for an Online Turkish Visa eVisa Now

Fiji and Turkey’s diplomatic relations have been amicable and peaceful since 1975. Both nations supported initiatives such as TIKA and multiracial policies; additionally, they agreed on signing an air transport agreement to strengthen ties.

Citizens of Fiji who hold ordinary passports must obtain an entry visa before visiting Turkey; those holding official passports are eligible for a 90-day stay without needing an entry visa. Fijians can apply for Turkey E-visa applications that only require three conditions – making life simpler for travelers from outside Fiji needing travel authorization.

E-visa Policy For Citizens Of Fiji

First and foremost, Turkey’s electronic visa applications online are intended solely for commerce and tourism use; no type of education, employment, or permanent residency visa can be found here. Therefore, Fijians seeking these types of visas should go directly to the nearest Turkish Embassy for help.

The E-Visa application system only requires three prerequisites to get started:

The passport (valid for six months)

Provide a valid email and credit/debit card (for visa fees).

Fiji citizens can apply to extend their Turkey visa by visiting a police station for an interim residence permit. Failing to do this could result in fines and penalties as well as being barred from travelling to Turkey in the future.

Fijian applicants applying to the E-visa System need to submit their information, including travel dates and passport details, by what appears in their documents. This data must be consistent. Ensure you review your form carefully prior to submitting it as modifications will not be valid after being processed.

Once payment has been verified, a system email with confirmation and the document in PDF format will be sent for download. We advise printing it out as border officers will examine this alongside other supporting documents.

Important note: Certain countries continue to impose travel restrictions and all passengers must abide by security protocols when at an airport. A positive PCR test must be completed 72 hours prior to travelling abroad – or upon arriving; Turkey offers 24-hour testing centres at their points of entry for this purpose.

Turkey Visa for Dominica Republic Citizens

The Electronic Turkey Visa was announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey in 2013 in order to help visitors quickly secure visas online.

Dominica citizens visiting Turkey for short visits must obtain an e-Visa (Turkey Visa Online). A Turkish e-Visa is required of all Dominica citizens entering Turkey – whether for business, tourism, transportation, medical treatment, or transit reasons. Applying for Turkey Visas for Dominica should not be seen as optional but instead as part of their requirements to visit. Their passport should remain valid for at least six months post-departure date to get one of these short-term visits to Turkey.

How do I apply for a Turkey Visa from Dominica?

This Turkey Visa form for Dominica citizens can be completed in 5 (5) five (5) minutes online. Applicants will need to provide a passport page, and personal and contact information such as email and phone numbers for processing the application.

Dominica citizens can now apply and complete their Turkey Visa online through this site and will be notified via email of its approval. The process is extremely straightforward – simply have access to an email ID, credit or debit card supporting one out of 133 currencies, or a PayPal account and an email ID ready.

Dominicans looking to secure Turkey visas must meet certain criteria in order to meet eligibility.

Dominica citizens travelling to Turkey require an acceptable travelling document or passport in order to apply for an electronic visa with Turkey Immigration, however, it isn’t necessary for all documents to be brought when arriving at the airport as this will already be stored electronically their passport within their Turkish Immigration system.

Candidates wishing to purchase a Turkey visa online from Dominica require an acceptable debit/credit card or PayPal account and email address that can receive their visa. Ideally, all information included on your eVisa should match with that found on your passport otherwise additional applications will need to be made in order for an extension.

How long can Dominican citizens remain on a Turkey Visa?

Dominica passport holders must depart within 90 days from the arrival date and obtain the Turkey Electronic Travel Authority (Turkey eVisa). If staying longer, a suitable Visa must be obtained – please be aware that Turkey visas cannot be used for purposes other than business and tourism; to study or work in Turkey you will require applying for a regular/traditional/sticker visa at the nearest Turkish embassy/commission.

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