Turkey Visa for Dominica Republic and Fiji Citizens

Turkey Visa for Dominica Republic and Fiji Citizens

Turkey Visa for Dominica Republic Citizens

Yes, tourists from Dominica must apply for an e-Visa for Tourists.

What Is A Tourist eVisa?

A Tourist e-Visa is an electronic document that authorises tourists to travel to Turkey and is associated with your passport number.

How long can those holding Dominican passports remain in Turkey when using the Tourist eVisa?

Tourist Visa holders may enter Turkey for up to 90 days total; during this period they are not permitted to engage in paid employment or receive any remunerated work.

What documents must I submit?

Simply provide all the required documents; here is a list of what to submit:

Passport Validity Period. Your passport or travel document should remain valid for at least 60 days following your “duration of stay” of electronic Visas.

A passport scan only requires filling out the information page on your passport – here’s how you can create the perfect scan of it.

Email Address – Your visa will be delivered by email, so it’s essential that you provide an active email address that you are able to access regularly.

Documents Supporting Applications – Certain countries require supporting documents like visas or residence permits issued by Schengen, the US, the UK, or Ireland when applying. To see which nationalities require these documents please visit our page for applications.

Methods of Payment, you have several payment methods at your disposal such as debit and credit cards as well as Paypal. Be sure to review spelling before submitting an application!

What is the validity period of my Tourist e-Visa?

Tourist eVisas are valid for 180 days following arrival and application date, which makes them convenient and accessible.

Do my processing time and fees apply?

Satisfying the pockets and needs of all applicants has always been at the core , including Dominicans. For this reason, three processing time options are available to select from when selecting your processing time preference:

Standard Processing: Your e-Visa application will be completed in 24 hours and the total transaction cost (service fees included) will be USD $100.49.

Rush processing: Your visa will arrive within four hours at an overall cost of USD $142.49 (service costs included).

Super rush processing offers you a quick solution, granting a Tourist eVisa within just 30 minutes at a cost of USD $189.49 including service charges.

How many times am I allowed to visit Turkey using an E-Visa?

Your e-Visa allows you to apply for multiple Entries.

Should I purchase a Tourist e-Visa for my children as well?

Yes. Travelers residing outside Turkey who wish to enter require a valid visa – this includes children.

Do I require an electronic Turkish Tourist Visa eVisa in order to visit Turkey?

As long as your travel doesn’t include exiting the transportation lounge at an airport during your stay in Turkey, no tourist eVisa is needed to enter and stay.

Turkey Visa for Fiji Citizens

Fijians may obtain an electronic visa for entry to Turkey online.

Fijian citizens can now apply online for Turkish tourist visas via the web. Visas typically last 30 days before expiring after 180 days; and, unlike physical applications, an e-visa doesn’t require being present when seeking one online. Four documents must be provided when making this submission online.

Fijian citizens visiting Turkey require and pay the processing fees and visa requirements as per Turkish visa regulations.

Visa on Arrival will be extended until October 28th for all citizens living within India, meaning all must obtain one by this month’s end.

Submit an application along with supporting documents (a valid visa OR resident permit issued from one of the Schengen countries, USA, UK or Ireland; E-visas cannot be accepted as supporting documents for an application).

Personal Application not Required.

Today’s Maximum Stay Allowance in Turkey for Fijian Citizens Is 30 days

Visa Validity Is 180 Days [Hotel].

Fiji provides Turkey tourist visas that must include four documents for approval: A passport, an application for visa form completed, and other supporting documentation. A total of four are needed.

Completion and Submission of Online Forms for Turkish Visa Applications occupy.

Get Online Application Bring a Printout Of your Original Fiji Passport Or Travel Document with at least six months remaining of validity on the travel date, and at least two visa pages which are free from marks.

Travel Bookings

Round Trip Reservations in Turkey A ticket made through an authorized travel agent to assist with visa applications or when travelling without paying for return flight costs is known as an Onward ticket reservation and should only be used if travelling directly from an area without returning again is desired.

Please check for one-way round-trip ticket reservations that apply directly to visa requirements as these could help save both time and money when making travel plans for Turkey.

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Accommodation Bookings

Hotel reservations should be booked well in advance of your travel to Turkey. Embassy officials advise against buying tickets until after receiving approval for your visa application – do not risk money and time by purchasing counterfeit tickets; instead make reservations in seconds anywhere around the globe to meet visa requirements.

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