Turkey Visa for Antigua Barbuda and American Citizens

Turkey Visa for Antigua Barbuda Citizens

Turkey boasts an abundance of cultural influences from its past that visitors can discover today. Visit Ephesus, one of the few remaining Roman cities from across the Mediterranean region; explore this amazing archaeological site if you wish to understand the Roman lifestyle! Turkey can provide just the ticket!

Turkey Visa for Antigua Barbuda Citizens

Discover more about Turkey visa application before setting off on your journey to Turkey.

Do you require an entry visa to Turkey?

Yes! International tourists travelling to Turkey require a valid visa. Since 2013, the Turkish immigration department has implemented an online platform where tourists can easily apply for them using an electronic procedure.

Turkey visa applications are now completely online and available 24/7 from any Internet-accessible location, providing maximum convenience.

Are we required to obtain a Turkey visa if we are both Antiguan and Barbudan citizens?

Antiguan and Barbudan nationals can apply for an electronic visa in Turkey; this will only apply for business and tourism-related purposes in Turkey.

How long is my Turkey visa valid?

Antiguan and Barbudan citizens with an issued Turkey visa may remain in Turkey for no more than 90 days total, within 180 days from the arrival date, and can make multiple entries using this Multiple Entry benefit.

Time for a trip to Turkey!

What are the requirements for information?

Antiguan and Barbudan nationals must submit their personal details, such as name, gender, nationality, etc. The following requirements must be fulfilled.

Passports must be valid for at least six months beginning the day you plan on entering Turkey.

An email address with valid credentials is required in order to secure an electronic Turkey visa online.

Pay, iVisa.com allows payment using two methods; either credit/debit card payment or by logging in using Paypal account credentials.

Some nationalities must provide additional documents when applying for visas or residence permits in Schengen nations, USA, UK, or Ireland; visitors to Antigua and Barbuda do not require these additional documents. If you want to learn if other nationalities require documents as support for travel documentation purposes then use our Visa Checker!

What are the procedure times and costs involved?

You have three processing options for applying for a Turkey visa:

Standard processing takes 24 hours and costs USD $100.49 in order to secure your Turkey visa.

Pay an affordable fee of USD $142.49 and have your visa delivered within four hours!

With Super Rush process service, applying for your Turkey Visa costs USD $189.49 and you will have it within 30 minutes.

What steps must be taken in order to obtain a Turkey visa?

Antiguan and Barbudan citizens must go through three steps when applying for citizenship:

Complete the questions within the application and select either Standard, Rush, or Super Rush processing timeframes for processing.

Review all details carefully and be sure that there are no blank spaces left when filling out forms, then decide how you will pay, whether through PayPal or debit/credit cards.

Attach any documents necessary If applicable, attach any relevant documents.

Feeling overwhelmed by these steps? Reach out to one of our assistance representatives immediately for support.

How can I obtain my Turkey visa?

Keep in mind that when applying for a Turkey visa on iVisa.com, they require your valid email address so they can issue it. So make sure you check your emails frequently because iVisa will email your travel documents!

Antiguan and Barbudan nationals must bring along a photocopy of their visa to Turkey at all times; we expect the immigration authorities to request it at some point during their trip.

Am I eligible for a Turkish entry visa?

Those only transiting Turkey do not need a Turkish visa and can enter through seaports for up to 72 hours without applying.

Turkey Visa for Armenian Citizens

Armenians can obtain their Turkey visa through an electronic system developed by Turkey’s government.

Your Turkey Visa could be within reach – take a look below to learn more!

Are Armenians required to obtain a travel visa before traveling to Turkey? Yes! Armenians require an entry visa when visiting Turkey. In 2013, Turkey introduced an online system for issuing electronic visas which allows Armenians to apply for such a permit in Turkey.

Armenian passport holders with access to an Internet connection can apply from any location in just minutes, provided they have Internet connectivity. Electronic visas for Turkey only work when applied for tourism or business travel; for work or travel plans in Turkey in the future, you will require another type of visa.

Are you ready for an unforgettable journey? 

What are the legalities surrounding my Turkey Visa? Armenians can obtain an entry visa valid for 30 days following arrival in Turkey, though the document can be used multiple times with multiple entries into Turkey.

What are the requirements?

Armenians should possess these elements:

Turkish authorities require passports to remain valid for at least six months after leaving Turkey.

When it comes to payments, there is a small processing fee attached to processing the visa; debit/credit cards, as well as PayPal accounts, can all be used as methods of payment.

How long and costs are the processing times and fees for travel documents?

Determine when it would be convenient for you to receive them:

Standard Processing Service is the most economical choice if your budget is limited, while our Rush Processing service expedites travel requirements at an additional cost. Finally, Super Rush processing is your fastest option for getting a Turkey Visa.

If you want an estimate of how much obtaining a visa will cost, use the Visa Checker and select your country of residency.

How can I apply for a Turkey visa process?

Once online, complete an application by providing personal details and selecting your processing time preference. Afterwards, verify your information before selecting your payment methods of choice such as PayPal or credit/debit cards – then upload any required documents.

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